Hp deskjet 1125c drivers

asking for the Hp deskjet 1125c drivers windows 7
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  1. Did you check the HP Support > Drivers and Downloads > Hp Deskjet 1125c website yet?
  2. asking for the HP Deskjet 1125c Printer drivers windows 7
    " Printer "
    Thank you
  3. You're welcome.
  4. Thank you for helping
  5. Don't thank me. It's HP that's made all that info available to you.
  6. Find the drivers for 5 days did I find
  7. Drivers are already in Windows 7... that's what HP Support is sayin'.
  8. Did you try the HP support site in your native language?
    You can choose to change the language and that might help.

  9. This definition does not exist in Windows 7
  10. This update is available with the Internet and this device is not connected to the Internet
  11. It's also not available as a download - except as mentioned in the HP Support website.
    They (HP) know so much more about the HP Deskjet 1125c drivers than I do.
  12. I'm not why I did not find it generally, I thank Mjhodgk
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