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I am getting at MSI Twin Frozr lll radeon hd 7950 800mhz. I was wondering if i should overclock it as soon as i make my computer to get better performance on games, would i need any extra fans to overclock it to say 1000mhz? (what is the best i could overclock it?) to and what would i need to make the voltage for the top overclock and the 1000mhz overclock? Also how would i do it? Do you do it on the MSI afterburner program that i have heard about?
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  1. you should overclock if you cant get playable framerates
  2. I would only overclock it if you need to. Its been a very long time since I had a Radeon card that did not overclock well just using the Auto tune button in the graphics overdrive window of the CCC.

    It seems to me that you know a little but not the details almost as if you have started to read an article and then thought Blah Blah sod it I will just ask people how to do it as its easier.

    I'm not saying you did that's just how its coming across, and I know how misleading a post can be so apologies if you think I'm being an arse as that is not my intention.

    I cant express just how important it is that you make 100% sure you do know as much and understand as much as you can about overclocking a GPU before you do so. Its really stupidly easy these days, which unfortunately leads people to throw around "safe" or "good" settings for GPU clocks and Voltages.
    There is no such thing. Every GPU and board are slightly different and if 99% of them are ok with the "safe" settings that still leaves a slight chance that you could dial in the settings you are given on this or any other forum and your nice new card goes to silicon heaven.

    My advice would be to run easy tune first as that will give you a good starting point. From there you can use Afterburner to manually increase your clocks in small steps. There are many tutorials online for this. Just take it easy and don't increase in big jumps and always always keep an eye on your temps. Only adjust Voltages if absolutely necessary.

    Mactronix :)
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