Graphics card failure or something else? (attached pictures)

Hi all,

I have the following system:

Intel Q6600 quad core
ATI HD4850
Corsair 650W
Corsair 4GB ram

I left for a few days, and got back to this... :sarcastic:

I am going to remove each stick of ram to see if it's something that is causing issues. I'll also double check the power cable to the graphics card...

Any suggestions....please....? :pt1cable:
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  1. This seems like GPU video memory causing this. Consider trying with different GPU.

    p.s Try Video memory test, you can find it in Hiren's boot cd.
  2. Have you tried a new video cable and changing ports on the monitor and GPU? Always worth a shot.

    But, yeah, looks like a dying card. Could be worth borrowing one from a friend to check.

    I think this pretty much sums it up, it states an error regarding the graphics card and also mentions ATIKMPAG.sys

    I tested each ram stick, disconnected some devices to test PSU, but nothing changed. The two lights on the card turn on normally... :fou:

    I have no one to borrow a card off of, what would be best quality/price replacement??

    I've looked around really quickly and found the GTX650 Ti for ~150euro

    need to resolve this QUICK! :sweat:
  4. That would work - three tiers up from your current card. Step below that but cheaper would be a 7770.

    If you have spare thermal paste (or can buy some for a few euro), you could attempt to bake it. I am NOT recommending it, just throwing it out there. Give it a google if interested.
  5. So far I have narrowed the replacement to a few option:

    GTX650 Ti 2GB Gigabyte OC - 150 euro

    Gainward GeForce GTX 650 Ti with CUDA 2GB - 160 euro

    GIGABYTE GTX660 2GB OC - 185 euro

    any ideas?

  6. ok so I'm very close to pulling the trigger.

    Honestly at the ~150euro price range I can find a GTX650 TI 2gb or a HD7850 1gb...what do you guys recommend?
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