6850 not detecting mini display port

Hi, I have a 6850. I am trying to connect a VGA display via an active mini display adapter. I have tried a couple of different monitors but I have never managed to get my computer to detect anything plugged into the mini display port. Any suggestions on what could be the cause of the problem?

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  1. DisplayPort is a digital interface. VGA is an analog interface. Without a specialized adapter/converter in between, you can't connect DisplayPort to VGA.
  2. I am using an Active mini display to VGA adapter.
  3. What make/model of adapter? It is very unlikely that it performs the necessary digital to analog conversion. Active adapters are usually used to synch multiple digital connections and not perform signal conversions.

    A DVI-I port (carries both digital and analog signals) with the proper adapter/cable can connect to a VGA display.
  4. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=331-2972

    This is the adapter I have. Please tell me it is not the correct one that would make life much more simple.
  5. That device should work, but is certified to work with Dell systems. Are you using a Dell? Also, are you using any other displays connected to the HD6850?
  6. Hi again, first thank you for the persistent assistance. No my PC is not a dell, For the purpose of testing the mini display I have tried it with and without other monitors connected including DVI and HDMI systems. I have had no success with any combination.
  7. To clarify, it sounds like you have tried the mini-DP port with multiple monitors (via DVI and HDMI) and none have worked. Is that correct?

    If so, I would suspect that port is defective.

    What other mini-DV to XXX adapters do you have and have tried to use (i.e. mini-DP to HDMI)?
  8. Sorry no I only have the mini DP - VGA connector and have tried it as a primary monitor with HDMI and DVI as secondaries, I have also tried the mini DP - VGA as the only monitor connected however that never went further than boot as it would not out put a display. I am starting to think my card is faulty. Thank you again for your time.
  9. Do any of your ports work with any of your displays?
  10. Everything works apart from the mini dp.
  11. Do you have a mini-DP to HDMI adapter?
  12. Only a mini dp to VGA.
  13. See if you can find (borrow) any sort of digital connection mini-DP to XXX adapter (HDMI, full size DP, DVI) to see if the port works. I strongly suspect your adapter to VGA is the problem.
  14. I will. Thank you very much for your help.
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