Using the 7pin mini din connector on graphics card

I'm wondering if anyone has used the extra s-video output on their graphics card. I have a GeForce 7900 GS card in my XP system and I am currently outputting to two monitors for my computer use, but I am interested in outputting to a TV just to show web videos and such once in a while. The card has a 7 pin mini din connector from what I've found out and there are a lot of adapters out there that breaks it out to component for HDTV. I am just wanting to know if anyone has ever had luck doing this before I spend the money on an adapter and cable to try and hook this up.
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  1. I always used the S-vid out of my video cards :) Never tried the component out(only some cards worked with it).

    Starting after about the Geforce 4(many older cards had bad issues with underscan and needed special software to correct it.) cards they got the TV encoder on the chip and it worked out well.

    Most cards would NOT run 2 screens + tv out. So you may have to shut a screen off to use S-VID(I used to shut all screens off and just leave tvout on.)
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