New video card (HD 7750) and a black screen

Just got the following card from Newegg:

and here is my comp:

I installed the card, booted up my comp, and saw zero output to the monitor. Tried again, rebooted, nothing.

I took out the card, and my comp is running fine on my integrated gfx. The card fan works, but I'm getting no output at all.
I noticed that my PSU is 12A at +12V... could this be a problem?

Thx for any help
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  1. According to realtechx
    you need a 350w power supply minimum and the product it self says it needs a 400w power supply minimum.
  2. That really sucks... I explicitly asked other people here about the PSU:

    And I was assured it would be okay :(
  3. 7750 doesn't even external power, it should be fine. I got one in my Dell. Does your bios have an option to disable intergrated graphics?
  4. Yes it does have that option, but I can't even see the start-up screen when I boot after installing the new card
  5. does the onboard video work with the card in, boot with monitor connected to onboard, switch option, reboot, plug into video card.
  6. getochkn said:
    does the onboard video work with the card in, boot with monitor connected to onboard, switch option, reboot, plug into video card.

    The onboard doesn't work with the card in :(
  7. So take out the card. Switch to PCI-E in the bios. Plug in the card boot up and see if you get a display. The card may have a minimum labeled requirement for power however often times you don't need that amount its there for people with CPU's and other components that take a lot of power up.
  8. Tried that, no luck.

    Next thing I tried: went into BIOS and set primary as IGFX, then installed drivers, rebooted and set PCI as primary. Black screened.

    Guess I'm going to have to return it
  9. That is a bummer.... I would suspect maybe the power supply then however a 7750 only draws power from the slot it doesn't need extra auxiliary power hmm! Are you still going to try and find a card?
  10. what output are you using on the card and any convertors to the monitor?
  11. Using the DVI output and the DVI/VGA converter to the monitor.

    My comp is a rather cheap (but new... only a few weeks old) ASUS with a very cheap chinese PSU... could this be the culprit? Would be nice to know when I gather my calm, haha
  12. Very well could be its hard to say if the wattage advertised is continuous or peaked.
  13. well it could be a DOA card as well!!!
    Just cause the fans spin doesn't mean anything...
    Have you got a friend nearby that can lend you a low power card for a quick test?
    Other then that I would try the card out on another comp to see if it works in there..
    Else just send it back...
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