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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this site so please forgive me if I'm putting this in the wrong section. We'll I just built my rig and I'm still blown away by the way Crysis 3 Beta plays. Anyways I have a 7850 2GB and I have not OC'd it yet. I am trying to find the best settings for it with the same setup I have.Any help is greatly appreciated.

AMD FX 8120 (3.1Ghz),4.0GHz turbo
2TB HDD Capacity
AMD Radeon 7850 HD 2GB
500 W
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  1. What settings have you set your beta to? I would suspect High settings would be perfect for a 7850 where as the higher end cards would get the very high setting.
  2. High settings 2x SMAA 1080p and rest default gets me on a 975mhz 7850 2GB and 3570k an min fps of 45, max of 70 and average 60fps
  3. It's at High Settings with AA off. Runs pretty smooth on my 37 Vizio at 1080p.m. I'm not sure the exact FPS;any good programs to measure? I'm also looking for a program that displays GPU & CPU Temp in game. I have stock cooling so I'm just doing it to be on the safe side.
  4. I would probably say you receive less then stickmansam gets. However, that being said I would imagine it wouldn't be that far off. The game I'm sure if highly playable with a 7850 with great settings by the look. The game over time will receive graphic updates through drivers from Nvidia and AMD so I would say its safe to say that your frames would go up over time.
  5. My CPU usage with my sig rig is about 80% but it only uses 2 main threads and 1 light load so your 8150 may not put out as much frames

    For FPS I use FRAPS while I generally just use GPUZ and Coretemp to check my temps and just check them out between matches and minimize the game (game minimization is a big buggy right now)
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