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So I recently built a new computer using an FX 6300 and a 7970. (lets not harp on about AMD please)

anyways, it turns on, fans are running, we're all good (fans on the cpu cooler, fans on the GPU, they're all good and running)

only problem is that when I connect it via HDMI to a TV, all I get is static on the screen. no splash screen, no bios, nothing, even when I insert a windows 8 disk.

so I'm just wondering what might be causing this. any suggestions?
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  1. I would harp on your Processor choice before your graphics card choice :P I tease No both are valid solutions. When you say static can you be a bit more descriptive visually what is going on with the screen.
  2. Sounds like it is not recognizing the TV as a valid display device. Just out of curiouity is the TV HDCP enabled. If not, I'm not sure how this would effect bios screen but would prevent display under starting with Vista OS.
  3. so it's colored static, and it's the same pattern regardless of how many times I start it up. it's not moving either.

    the left third is vertical lines of static and the right two thirds are horizontal.
  4. Ah okay now what you are describing sounds more like artifacts graphic artifacts. Do you have other monitors/tv's you could test your computer on?


  5. ugg embedding images are having issues on the forums today...... Either way you can copy paste those links they'll take you to the images.
  6. I took a look. it's not quite the same. the problem I'm having is more of a static, you can still what's going on in those pics.

    it also doesn't move at all.

    I can try another monitor tomorrow. are there any other possibilities beyond not recognizing the display?
  7. Just being silly here, but let's cover all bases. Is the HDTV on the correct HDMI input?

    -Wolf sends
  8. yes.
  9. Does your TV have a VGA (blue 15-pin D-Sub) connection and does your graphics card have a VGA (or DVI to VGA adapter) to connect to? If so, can you try that?

    -Wolf sends
  10. the card has 2xmini display port, 1xdvi, and 1xhdmi

    I do have a dvi to vga adapter that I am planning on trying with a different monitor and the TV when I have access to the system again. (it's a friend's, and he won't be back till tomorrow night)
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