How to run a ms-dos batch file on windows xp

I have a project in java. there are some batch files. i am not able to run those files. it just blinks and disappears immediately. should i change some settings in my windows xp?
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  1. Edit the batch/command file, add a Pause in at the end. Run it. Hopefully the window repairs open on the pause so you can see what the issue is.

    Or you could run the batch/command file from a Command Line to see what the error is or what's happening.

    I would suspect that if it opens/closes quickly, one of the first commands in it is incorrect and it cannot continue.
  2. Its a read only file. If i run in command line also i'm getting the same response. the first command is "cd build".
  3. Copy it and make it writeable :) Ok, first line is "cd build"

    "Change Directory to Build"

    Let's say the file is in the root of C: and the first line says 'cd build' - If C:\build doesn't exist, it'll bomb out. I would expect the next lines after the first play on the fact that the new path is in C:\build. If it isn't the next commands relying on that will fail.
  4. ok.... thanks... i'l try out...
  5. I tried by changing directory. stil it does the same response...
    cd build
    cd compiled
    javafx Design.Node

    this is the exact lines in that batch file... now my dir is build->compiled->design->node.class...
    It doesn't work :(
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