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Graphics Card Help (Galaxy GT 520)

February 7, 2013 8:00:50 PM

Hey guys, this is actually the first time I'm posting on the forums. I got a friend of mine a Galaxy GT 520 for Christmas since he plays games online (mainly LoL and Vindictus) but didn't have an independent graphics card. Anyways, it's been almost two months and he hasn't had any problems with it until a two days ago.

He told me that when he goes to shut down his computer now, it gets stuck at the "Shutting down.." window and he has to do a force shut down since even after a few hours it's still on that screen. I'm not sure if that's linked to the graphics card or not though. But he also sent me a picture of the MSI monitor that I told him to install along with the graphics card, and for some reason it's running at 100C, 100% fan, and 100% usage and then the usage drops to 0 suddenly. He told me that all he has running when this happens is just LoL at High settings, Skype (no video), and Teamspeak. I don't see why it would be running that hot at all. Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks guys!