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XTX7970 BLACK Edition

February 7, 2013 8:09:19 PM

So a few months ago, I bought myself the above video card, installed it and had loads of fun with it (other system specs are: i7-2600 3.40GHz, 8GB RAM on an MSI Mobo of which the name I forgot). I could play any game on Ultra, including of course Battlefield 3.

Now, during December, I bought and played Dead Island, which seemed to strain my GFX card (which was otherwise silent as a tomb, suddenly furiously trying to cool down) to a point where it just crashed, with Windows 7 telling me the drivers crashed. After this point, every time I let the card generate more than 40 fps in pretty much any game (I limit my fps to 40 in every game now), it'd freeze in the same manner as before.

My question is; can it be fixed or should I try getting a new one through warranty? While I don't really need more than 40 fps, it's quite annoying to have it crash every time I forget to cap the frames and I doubt it's very healthy for the hardware.

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