Are these two graphics cards worth this price?

There is someone on our local Kijiji site asking $360 for 2 EVGA Geforce GTX 480's. Is this a good deal or is the person asking too much, and if so, what would be a "fair market cost" for both (ad says they are in excellent condition and in Canadian dollars)?
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  1. they are older cards and I wouldn't know what the life of these would be...
    you could buy them and they run fine for a day or they could run for 3 years..?

    edit: I would want to see them in action first and then I would suggest 300 for the pair...
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    I'd say it's a little much for a card that old. If it's something that you want to do, I'd meet with him and inspect the cards. See if he can give you assurance that they're running beforehand. If everything seems legit and he's not shady, I'd counter him at $320 for both of them or something like that, just to see if you can get him down a few bucks. They were $210 apiece the last time I saw them on Newegg ~9-10 months ago, just FYI.

    These two links should give you a good idea. The two cards in SLI appear to beat one of today's higher end 600 series cards, but consume a crapton more power. Thus, cooling is more of an issue.
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