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NVIDIA 650m SLI OR 660m???

Hi everyone! Im buying a lenovo laptop soon and I needed some help with my decisions. I can choose between these two laptops:

Ive been leaning towards the Y500 simply because i dont think an optical drive is really necessary (Correct me if Im wrong), it has a nicer sleeker design, and i feel the Nvidia gt 650m sli puts out better graphics performance than the 660m but i am really not sure If I should go with the 650m sli or the 660m?

Note: (The lenovo with the 660m has slightly better battery life and a faster hardrive clock speed)

Overall, which would you guys pick and why?
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    Y500 has an ultrabay; you can swap out the second gpu and put in an optical drive if you purchase such an ultrabay opticaldrive. And obviously you can just jack an optical drive into the usb ports.

    I think the sli 650m's are better than the 660m since the gpus in the 650m and the 660m should be the same and it is just a clock difference (maybe an extra 90 mhz)

    My guess is that the frame rate difference for the sli 650m would be 50% more than the frame rates for the single 660m, since you don't get perfect doubling of frame rates in a sli configuration (and accounting for the clock difference).

    But I have yet to see any benchmarks for the 650m sli.

    I would also look into whether the y500 has optimus. I've heard some speculation that it does not implement optimus.
  2. The y500 does have optimus configuration, and you can look at the benchmarks of the 650m sli here:

    The 650m sli's in most of those benchmarks have 4 gigabytes though. Will the gigs in the y500 (two 1 gig cards) differ that much more greatly from the benchmark scores seen on that website? Do the gigs make a huge difference?
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  4. Sorry Criticalacc but as far as most of us have experienced the Y500 does NOT have optimus capabilities as the HD4000 is disabled. If someone is able to enable it after unlocking the bios is yet to be seen.
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