Most silent GPU 7970 / 680 perhaps

Hi im looking for a new GPU and i cannot decide between 680 and 7970, which one is better for this moment. i really want the best available model, the beast - performance combined with quietest cooling because i hope i wont have to change it for a long time, haha. Tell me your experience with silent gpus, i tried reference 7970 before and it was noisy like an !@#$% airplane. help me to choose one, i need power but most important is to can hear myself think which was impossible before. thank you in advance
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  1. Silent=Water cooling!
  2. haha thank you, but apparently now i have to admit that im interested in everything but not wc. possibly most silent 7970/680 with air cooling
    I'll go ahead and assume that you'd be okay with these and that there's a 680 version as well. If you want to buy with a pre-installed cooler just get the DirectCUII/ Windforce/ Twinf Frozr/ Vapor-x edition of the card of your choice.
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