5970 strange clock issues, need help.

Hey guys, I really need some help getting my 5970 to behave properly.

The main problem is my 5970 has trouble prioritizing the 3D Clock rate while i have a 3D and 2D application open. It will ALWAYS force the 2d clock rate regardless of the fact that a 3d application is open.

For example
-Open Dota 2 on main monitor, clock sets to 725/1000
-While playing Dota 2, open a youtube video on secondary monitor, clock forces down to 400/900
-Frame rates in Dota 2 drop by half. Close youtube video, clocks return to 725/1000
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  1. two things, update flash player and/or update the graphic drivers. pref both...
    I've had this happening for years, but it stopped just like a week ago with the 13.2 betas (i was still running really old drivers before that... thou for a moment it was fine like over a year ago after a flash update, but it came back with some later update lol)

    edit darn, scrap that.. just re-tested it and it actually still forces the lower clocks if the youtube vid is running... previously it only needed to be open and paused and it would force the clocks but now that doesnt force them anymore. so yeah it's better but not by much :(

    edit2 if you feel lucky you could use radeon bios editor to edit the bios on the card and change the multimedia clocks to be the same as full 3d clocks
    though that would be rather drastic and would create extra heat when just youtube/flash is open...
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