What am i doing wrong with new ASUS RT-N56U Router?

Purchased Buffalo Airstation about two weeks ago (below)

The thing was super fast and it was registering up to 30-35m when i go to speedtest.net (for download-lan) and like 20-25m for WIFI + the ping was between 85-95

But it had disconnected a few times and when it arrived one of the ear thingies was dangling...

So because it kept disconnecting i returned it and got the asus ASUS RT-N56U because of great reviews and i didnt want to worry The asus is below

I wirelessly stream to my Samsung tv's and Xbox and ps3.. So i need a good router...

When i received the Asus yesterday i tested the lan and am getting anywheres between 10-25m MAX on speedtest (ping like 130ms) for LAN,and much slower when i share with wireless... Then tested wireless @speedtest and it is like between 5-15m (ping 140ms)

i updated the firmware but basically didnt mess with anything...Just sortof went through the regular easy wizard thing..It is same speed before and after firmware update....

Also,i dont understand why there are options for two different passwords for 2.4/and 5 ghz? Wierd... i thought it would be automatic.....

I am praying that i got AS GOOD or better of a router because this one was WAY more money,but the performance is lacking....
What do i do??? Please help guys... i can build.i can overclock and program,but i am not a networking guy... Plz help!
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  1. Im sorry but did i not provide enough info? Or too much?
  2. did you reboot the modem?
  3. yeah once... by unplugging and plugging power back in...I beleive it may have rebooted when i updated fw as well
  4. turn off the modem and the ASUS router.

    turn on the modem and wait until completely booted. give it about 2 minutes.

    then turn on the ASUS router.

    have you tested the speed with the computer directly connected to the modem?
  5. Hello, try using a channel discovery software to discover the channels occupied and change the channel of your wireless router / modem-router to one of these values ( 1,6,11 ), this is because all it takes is a single WiFi using the same channel positioned very near to you to topple your WiFi reliability.
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