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i just bought a new xfx7870 graphic card and am having an issue.Hook up the new card get a beep followed by 2 short beeps.Am wondering if it could be not compatible with my motherboard or if i have a too small of power supply?Am running a rebuilt gateway 6800 series box with an ocz 700 watt psu.It says i have 25 amps down the rails but am not sure of that .Also am running a blue ray burner, 2 120 gig ssds,1tb hdd and 12 gigs of ram on windows 7 .Thank you for any heads up
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    You should have checked the compatibility on the manufacturer's website.
    The motherboard manufacturer will have a list of approved cards. On the website...
    The motherboard manual lists the BEEP codes. Download the manual and look up your BEEP code. One beep followed by two short beeps. It means something.
    700 watts should be plenty for one video card.
    Recheck your manuals and compatibility list.
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