Hd 7770 for metro 2033

just wandering my best settings options for running metro 2033 with at least medium settings.
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  1. Ummm.... Lower the resolution?
  2. im sorry i worded the question oddly my question was what settings would deliver a playable fps?
  3. Would need to know so many factors that it would not be feasible to give you an exact configuration. Test it out and try recommended settings if you want to play at least medium settings.
  4. Certainly not 1080p. The most I would go is 1680 by 1050. I would recommend a 720p resolution. At 720, It should run on low and medium settings comfortably.
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  6. You can actually check how well your system will perform when playing a specific game by entering your system information into GamesDebate.

    It's not always 100% accurate but it does give you some idea on how well your PC will perform when it's running "that game".
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