Anyone got some good RSS related links and info i could use?

So i remember hearing about RSS feeds a while ago and tried reading up on it recently but idk where to start. I was on the wiki page for what RSS means and everything was going right over my head.

It seems like a lot of podcasts or blogs use RSS feeds or what have you. And i find it hard to be able to manage all the news and stuff i wanna receive. Some subscriptions i get by email i believe can be used through RSS and i would love to be able to us some sort of RSS reader to easy check up on news and things i care about.

The problem is i have no clue where to start, what software to get, or really what im doing at all.

I tried looking up an "idiots" guide and came up empty handed.

Can someone please give me some easy to understand articles or what have you so i can understand what im doing, or describe whats what for me? I also need suggestions on good RSS readers, and software to use. I was hoping i might be able to get an RSS reader for my iphone that i could use when im out of the house.

I just need a jump start and then im sure im gonna have a ton of questions :p

- Lemme know what u guys think i should do or how i should go about this. Thanks for your time :)
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  1. Here is a link to a free rss reader. I'm really not very familiar with RSS, but as no one had replied, i thought i'd take a stab at it. Here is also a review of several RSS Feed Readers that might help:
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