7870 and 4850 together? (not crossfire)

Hi All-

Here is my current situation. I have a computer running 2 4850s in crossfire. They work well except at higher resolutions where the 512mb of ram cause problems. I am looking to upgrade and will probably go with a 7870. The issue for me is that I currently have a 50 inch TV connected to my 4850s which ONLY has analog inputs. Unfortunately, it seems that the 7870 is incapable of outputting an analog TV signal. My proposed solution is to get a 7870 and keep one of the 4850s installed in a non-crossfire setup. My monitors will be connected to the 7870 and the 4850 will be dedicated to outputting to my analog TV.

Is this feasible? Will the catalyst drivers detect and accept both video cards?

Ideally, I would like my analog TV (run by my 4850) to mirror one of the monitors run my by my 7870. Will catalyst integrate the displays such that this is possible?

I know that the easy solution here would be to replace my TV, but as it is a rather large screen, replacing it is a bit more than I'd like to spend at the moment. Thanks for you help!
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    Both DVI ports on this 7870 are DVI-I. This means you can use a DVI to VGA adapter for your 50" TV.

    If you are using something else like Svideo then yes, you can use both together at the same time. Make sure you have a PSU good enough to power both. You might have some driver issues if you are using Vista so make sure you upgrade to the newest CCC before you put the 7870 in.
  2. Yeah, sorry, I wasn't clear. No VGA port on the TV either...strictly RCA, S-Video, and Composite. Running Windows 7 and I *think* PSU should be able to cover it. Thanks!
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