I was wondering which is better price to performance wise? I really want what is best for the price or any suggestions of something else my limit is about $275. Here's the cards



GTX660 SC:
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  1. 7870 > 660
  2. Always 7870 XT
  3. no other card to suggest that would be better for 275 or 280?
  4. no man 7870 XT is the best for your budget

    And yes if you can spend a 19$ more then you can buy 7950 HD. But only difference between 7870 XT and 7950 HD is the XT is 2 GB and it is 3 GB. nothing else. you will barely measure any performance below 1080

    it is $289.99 after $20.00 rebate card
  5. Is it worth it? I'm only gaming at 1080, here's my specs if it would matter any? CPU AMD phenom ii x4 965BE PSU corsair cx500 500w I guess that's all you need?
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    go with the 7870 XT man no need to spend spend extra money if you are not going to gaming above 1080.

    7870 XT is a great card. It is based on AMD’s Tahiti architecture with its 256-bit memory interface.
    unlike the remainder of the HD 7800 series that uses the Pitcairn architecture.

    Its has a more powerful cooler, less noisy, lots of room for overclocking and best for 1080 reso gaming.

    and since you are using a 500W PSU 7870 XT is best for you from every side.
  7. With the 500w PSU do you think I could overclock with this card? And how well do you think I could overclock it? So I shouldn't have to worry about upgrading then like any time soon? I want it to last a little while because 260 is not cheap by any means for me
  8. you can overclock a 7870 XT to this healthy limit 1300/1760 (Core/Mem)

    And yes a good 500W PSU can handle a overclocked 7970XT. And CX500W is a good 500W PSU
  9. Okay well thank you for your help :) you get best answer
  10. 7870xt is better

    Most other parts in a computer don't really draw that much power
    CX500W has a good amount of power and no worries about OC'ing the card unless you plan to crossfire as well
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    Anytime ^^
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