GTX 670 SLI Questions!

Just a few questions about 670 Sli, mainly directed towards microstuttering:

Is microstutter visible on higher end cards such as two 670s?

Would there be more or less microstuter on a 60hz monitor vs a 120hz?

If I am averaging 70fps in a game, would microstutter be less prevalent than if i were to average 55 fps?

Does microstutter occur at a single 1920x1080 screen, with games averaging around 70fps?

Thanks guys!

I am debating whether to pick up a second 670, or to sell my first 670 and to get another higher end single gpu, such as the evga 680 classified (oc to 1350mhz, for example).

Give me your thoughts!
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  1. 120hz is a better experience than 120hz. and wo 670's would help
  2. Im sorry I have no idea what you're saying..
  3. oops sorry.. typo. 120hz is better than 60hz. Sorry I appologize i have not had but 5 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours
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