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Some of you may have seen my last post, but now I have more questions. My current computer has FX 4100 at 4.2 GHZ and GTX 660 OC. I get around 50-60 Average FPS on BF3 max setting right now. If I buy a 50" LED/LCD TV and the resolution is at 1920x1080p, will it result in the same FPS? Or since the TV is actually bigger on size will it need more V-RAM?

My second question is about TV. I will mainly use my 50" TV to watch anime/movie from my computer, sometime i'll be playing some joystick games (Batman, Sleeping Dog, Skyrim, etc). Will the screen look bad with PC since the resolution is only at 1920x1080p, or it will look decent.

Any benchmark, videos, anything that help would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much guys in advance! :D
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