Two separate ISP's, one for VOIP and one everything else.

Hello Everyone,
I love this forum! I've read this forum to get myself out trouble many times and I'd like to start off by saying thanks.

We are moving to a new location at the end of the month and the new setup is going to require something is going to be different from anything that I've done in the past. So I thought I'd come over Tom's Hardware see if it looks executable.

We are in a contract with T1 (ISP A) connection with a PRI but we are moving away from the PRI due to the quality of service we were receiving from our provider. We are aiming to ride out the contract with just the data on the T1 and dedicate it just for our SIP phones going to a could based SIP service. For the rest of the internet traffic we are going to us ClearWire (ISP B) standalone modem. All of the clients will be on the same unmanaged switch.

Parts to work with:
We have two WRVS4400N routers to make this work. I was thinking of purchasing a RV042 but I wanted to use what we had if we could.

First connection:
I was going to put the first router on ISP B and Operating Mode to Gateway with DHCP enabled with a subnet of with the default mask.

Second connection:
The 2nd router for ISP A will have the Operation Mode set to Router disabling the DHCP with the subnet of with the default mask.
Something I question about what I just wrote is would I need to set the Operation Mode to Router and not Gateway on the 2nd router since it will be a gateway for the SIP phones on a different subnet?

We also have a old WRT54GS that I could put DD-WRT or Tomato on but I'm not a Linux command line kind of guy. But there's no time like the present to learn and I'm willing. This will only be until our contract is up on the T1 and then we will be moving to a more robust single cable connection and use a QOS for our VOIP conncections.

Any help, suggestions or criticisms are welcome.
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