Will this be a good combo?

I'm helping my friend pick out parts for a budget build that will be able to run starcraft 2 in ultra settings, and we decided to go with the AMD fX-6300 and the nvidia gtx 550i 2gb. Will this cut it? Our memory is 8gb ddr3 1600 if that matters.
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  1. Lol!What is your monitor res? I do not think a 550 Ti is going to cut it.
  2. He hasn't decided on what moniter he's gonna get. Would it work on high settings instead of ultra at 1920x1080
  3. yes it might work on high settings but i recommend getting the radeon 7770 instead
  4. Here if you want to get the best you can get for cheap get this.


    GTX 650 Ti for $110 after rebate - won't find a better price/performance card.
  5. I aggree that the 650ti best card that price however you may want to look at


    while it is a good $55 more you don't have to worry about a rebate and if you plan to buy bioshock and/or Tomb raider you get them free. Which covers the extra cost and the 7850 performs much better than the 650ti.
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