Combine two connections: WiFi and LAN

What I want to do is combine a sad 1.5M DSL connection and a long range WiFi signal into a single connection for a rural area home.

I am looking for any effective solution (including boosting WiFi output signal beyond FFC suggested values). The WiFi long range antenna (DISH + gutted LNB) receives a full bar 40+ Mbps signal from 11 miles away. DSL is standard 1.5M over DSL Modem.

Thank you for any assistance you choose to provide.
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  1. how is the WIFI antenna connecting right now?

    I cannot think of an easy and cheep way to do this. What is your budget?

    the only thing I can think of is to use a router with external antennas to connect the WIFi antenna to and a DAUL-WAN router to merge the two connections
  2. Using a DISH at both ends with an access point is an option but I would rather use the Wifi simply as downstream (similar to satellite internet) and use the 1.5 DSL as upstream. As in, connecting Qwest wired DSL, at the house, to a Qwest Wireless Hotspot in town 6 to 10 miles away and using both simultaneously.

    Consider my budget a blank check with an ethically responsible expectation clause.
  3. Manos Crete said:

    I did it with 3 lines chek this
    the 2 of 3 lines are wireless and i used 2 ubiquiti nanostation m2

    Stop posting lies just to get hits on your youtube videos.

    You can not send data on one IP address and receive it on another.
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