Radeon 7850 1GB vs 2GB

Hello all, i've done some looking around the forum and couldn't fine an exact answer to my question. the question is the title.

what would the benchmark difference be of a radeon 7850 1GB such as this:


and a radeon 7850 2GB such as this:


theres only about a $20 difference, so should i just get the 2GB to be safe? or is most of it just marketing, and i wouldn't be using the 2GB unless i had a multiple monitor setup?

By the way i am asking this question as if i were trying to run modern games like bf3, NFS shift 2, maybe some crysis 3 in the future, stuff like that at 1080 resolution.

whats some framerate benchmarks of the two?
thanks everyone!
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  1. you would better go for 2gb version.
  2. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/graphics/2012/11/05/msi-radeon-hd-7850-1gb-review/3

    there's no difference really. The gpu on that card isn't powerful enough to fill 1gb of vram. If you plan to sli then the 2gb version is the way to go, that's usually how it works with the cards, the ones with extra vram are for sli or xfire.
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