EVGA GTX650ti vs EVGA GTX650ti SSC

How much will the increased clock speed of the 1gb SSC edition improve the performance. The SSC is around £20 more than the regular card, is it worth the extra cost?
Thanks in advance...
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  1. Hi. The SSC version will give you a few more fps but I don't think it's worth the extra cost if you're willing to overclock the regular version. Also I think you can get a better HD 7850 1GB for around the same price as the SSC version and may include the Never Settle Reloaded games: BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

  2. don't get the SSC edition unless ur have decent ventilation in ur case for cooling, and you are planning to manually OC the card.

    If you plan on OC'ing or don't have very good ventilation in your case, get the standard version
  3. Try and get the MSI power edition. Overclocks well, and is silent. Should also be more reliable than EVGA.
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