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Does Power supply and other stuff in the rig can destroy GPU?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 8, 2013 1:35:26 PM

Hi I just want to ask if my current CPU specs will not destroy my gpu... I got a very low spec cpu. cause thats all I can Afford thou I got a pretty decent GPU now. And I was just trying to assure not to destroy it.

So first heres my specs.
Note: this one passes the minimum requirements for the GPU to work.

CPU: Core2duo e4500 2.20Ghz
MOBO: LGA775 (32bit)
RAM: 1GB 667
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX260+
Power Supply: 500 watts true rated; (I dont know if the term true rated is only used here in our country, but what it means is that it is more efficient and reliable.)

now what I'm worried is the possibility that I will destroy my gpu... I havent put this build together yet.. coz I'm afraid somethings bad is goin to happen.

#1 someone told me that with a generic power supply and wrong specs of CPU, I could possibly destroy my GPU...

#2 someone also told me that its not true and any kind of Power supply (as long as it can supply enough power for the GPU and the whole PC) and with any kind of CPU specs (as long as it meets the minimum requirements for the GPU) it will work. and if it happens that you didn't meet the specs, The worst thing that could happen is the GPU will not work and it will not be destroyed.

I dont know what to believe So now I'm hoping you guys can help me. who am I goin to believe? Ive tried searching the net but it seems that there is no exact forums or articles about the compatibility of GPU with the other parts of the computer.
a c 192 U Graphics card
a c 121 ) Power supply
a c 124 à CPUs
February 8, 2013 1:57:04 PM

The CPU will not destroy a graphics card. What they may have referred to is a "bottleneck," in which one component is not able to reach its full potential because another component is particularly slow. It is not a serious problem; ALL systems have a slowest component which will determine the fastest the system will perform certain tasks.
A bad power supply, however, can (and too often does) damage other components, particularly if it is overloaded or dies. While the term "true-rated" is indeed not universal, presumably it means that your PSU is actually capable of producing the outputs listed on its label. A PSU that is capable of 500W is quite sufficient for your system. What brand and model is it?