Weird gpu temperature problem.

im using hd 7870. the first 2 minutes i on my pc my gpu is at 35 C but after that it goes until 72 C (yes 72 C without open any games)!!

when i play far cry 3 my gpu temp drops to 66 C. i tried everyting update driver, clean gpu fan. then i thought maybe it's windows aero problem. so i switched theme but still wont change..
i really really need help from u guys.

windows 7 64-bit
sapphire hd 7870 2gb
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  1. is there anyone can help me? my gpu problem really give me a headache. can some one tell me whether the main problem is from my gpu or is it windows problem?
  2. check if the gpu fan is connect to the gpu board and spin also this card need 2 power cables and a 500 watts psu ,i would try her in another system to see if she does the same on temp rise .
  3. yes, yes and im using xigmatek tauro power force 700W. i've been asking my friend. they doubt the main problem is with my hd 7870. they said there must be a program running since the temp is 72C.
    like i said i tried update driver n check whether there's a program running. but still.. should i try reformat my window 7 or something?
  4. this will tel you how to find witch procees run at starts up .
  5. Could it be the program your using to read the temp is just not reading it right? I have a powercolor 7870 myst edition only 3 days out of the box and it runs about 90c-92c while playing games seems a bit hot to me but IDK it was my first system. Only 35c at idle though
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