Upgrading an old war horse.

I have an old computer for which I recently replaced the motherboard. The current configuration is as follows.

I need a new graphics card for it.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
Motherboard: Digilite G41 Socket 775 with PCIe 2.0 x 16 and PCIe slots.
Ram: Adata 2 GB DDR3 1066 DIMM
3 year Old Seagate 7200 rpm hard disk.
3 year Old Samsung DVD+/- RW
Power Supply Unit: 6 year old local one, it's failed my components a number of times

I want to upgrade 2 things: Graphics card and Power Supply Unit

Which graphics card do you recommend?

Also, is this PSU good enough?
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  1. I want to primarily know what type of graphics card will be compatible with this. Will a HD 7750 and stuff work with this motherboard?
  2. a 7750 will work. If your PSU has failed your components before(multiple times), why would you want to keep it?
  3. It's expensive to get a 80+ rated PSU here, let alone a 80+ gold or 80+ silver one. So I used a local one which showed 500W without realizing it was never delivering that much power.

    Does the PSU which I linked in the first post sound good enough?
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    A 7750 will work with as little as a 300w psu. It is powered only by the 75w pcie-x16 slot.

    Gigabyte is a reputable company, but I know nothing about the quality of their units.
    As to quality, this guide may help you. Do not go cheap on the psu, it may turn out to be very expensive if it gails and damages everything it is connected to:

    Do not pay much attention to gold/silver or even 80+ efficiency ratings. You will not recoup any extra expense paid for more efficient psu's.
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  6. I would not go near that gigabyte PSU. It only has 360W on the 12V and is only rated 450W continous and they are selling it as a 550W. That's asking for trouble.

    80+ silver and gold are always expensive and no one really needs one. Bronze is perfectly fine
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