How to Overclock? I want to overclock gtx 650ti

I am pretty much new to overclocking, I wonder how is it done what programs to use, how to actually overclock the card core and memory.. my gpu is a GTX 650ti 2GB Gigabyte

Help is appreciated! :)
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  1. download msi afterburner
    you overclock by dragging the core and memory clock slider to the right
    when overclocking start by increasing the core and memory by 20 and run furmark to make sure the card is stable...if you see artifacts on the screen its not stable so back down speeds by 10 until its stable...depending on the model of the card you can increase the voltage too giving you higher overclocks
  2. Well, I did it and all I could get is:

    First test:
    +105MHz from default clock
    +95MHz from default clock
    Temp.: 51 C
    Resolution: 1440x900 (max)
    MSAA: 8x
    Min FPS: 11
    Avg. FPS: 10
    Furmark Score: 6xx

    That was unstable, I lowered both by 5MHz and ran a test at the following preset:
    Second test:
    Res: 1440x900
    MSAA: 0x
    Min FPS: 26
    Avg FPS: 25
    Temp: 56 C
    Core clock +100MHz from default
    Memory clock +95MHz from default
    Furmark score: 15xx

    I haven't tested in game yet, though these are the stable clocks I could reach, is it my card that is not compatible with overclocking? XD it is factory overclocked btw..

    awaiting responses

    P.S.S.: Default GPU clocks:
    Core: 1033MHz
    Memory: 1350MHz
  3. A few artifacts were showing up, had to lower the core clock by another 5, ran a Burn-in test (15 mins), ended up with 959 points.

    8x MSAA
    1128MHz Core Clock (default: 1033 MHz)
    Temp: 62°C

    Gotta test it with games like BF3 and see if there are any differences =D
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