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I play a lot of borderlands 2, I want to upgrade my video card so I can run games like far cry 3, StarCraft II, and Skyrim at higher settings, I was looking at ATi cards because right now the 7000 series comes with free games, but I was wondering if I would notice the loss of Physx in borderlands due to no longer having an nvidia card?

Alright What I should have said was, I cant seem to find a cohesive answer about running physx on an ati card. What I want to know is do i lose Physx if I switch to an ATi card?
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  1. if you're used to it you'll miss it right way. does bring something to the game even though the antis will disagree.
  2. I sunk a lot of time into Borderlands on an older laptop that didn't support physx. Now that I built a pc that can, I definitely notice it. Going back to without makes things feel static.

    The dork that I am, the first time I realized I could shoot cloth items and they would flap and get holes accordingly, I definitely got a nerd boner.

    I just wish more games made use of it. It does help make the world seem more dynamic. Of course, with AMD cards being unsupported, it probably isn't that high of a priority for game makers. That, and everything being designed for consoles... :(
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