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Will my q8300 bottleneck 650ti?

i hav an old mobo, gigabyte g31m-s2l 4gb ram and core 2 quad q8300. i am planning to buy a 650ti so please tell me whether it will lead to any bottleneck. also tell me some retailers. iam from india
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    I have an e8400 C2D and a GTX650ti and it all works fine...
    What resolution are you planning on running?
  2. it will work, but your cpu will be holding back the graphics card. I would just hold out and do a full upgrade if i were you. Some games will run better, others that are cpu dependant will not run much different. Do you have a graphic card now? if so which one? if your just running onboard graphics then you will really see the difference.
  3. u are right but i m currently on budget and taking things slow, one thing at a time u know......... i curretly have ati radeon hd 4350 which is a 3 year old card. i also currently have a vga monitor but planning to buy a new one in a couple of weeks. Also the PCIe interface is 1.1, so is that a prob?
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