Should The UN Issue International Death Warrants?

Read this short interview with a professor from Princeton last night who in my mind brings up a good idea: having the UN Security Council issue international death warrants for rouge dictators. I figured that this would make for some good debate.

In theory, it would work in conjunction with the International Criminal Court, who would essentially investigate and then give an opinion on the issue. From there the UN Security Council would then decide whether a death warrant would be issued. Of course, proving that crimes against humanity had been committed by a head of state is one thing and then actually doing something about it is another. Not to mention getting the whole security council to agree or at least have the permanent members not veto it is a whole other mess. Still though, in theory I like the idea, as it would give notice to dictators out there that the world will not tolerate the senseless slaughter of innocent people.
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  1. Just to make things clear, if you disagree with international death warrants, I say we send the humblest of God's creatures to take out these dictators- the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  2. No political or government body has the right to order death warrants.

    It is up to court of law to make this decision and then if the death sentence is ordered, for it to be done in painless and humane way.

    Anything else makes us as bad the the offender.
  3. I support putting out an international death warrant against a number of people ... particularly if they are no longer funny ... or go postal.

    I'll PM you all ... don't want to make my list public ... though there are a few we all want to dissappear:

    1. The guy on the drivethough who always asks me if i want fries with that;

    2. The cop who busted me that time for poking my bare ass out of the window to the limo we were passing with diplomatic flags;

    3. Whoever invented Vegemite 2.0;

    4. The guys who keep cancelling scifi series that get to the end of season 1;

    5. The guy who slept with my ex then didn't take her for keeps;

    6. The guy who invented ties ... and any boss who makes you wear one;

    More as I dwell on this topic ... make your own list please?
  4. Disagree with #1 - the guy on the drivethough asks because his manager makes him. So issue the warrant against the manager.

    #2 - there are limits to free expression. :)
  5. jsc are you going to add to the list or just nitpick mine?

    Sheesh ... I was only joking about some of them oldtimer !!

    /gets jsc's slippers and winds up his record player and puts on some Tijuana Brass.

  6. Ugh...don't get me started on my list of people. ;)
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