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hello.i have problem with my internet speed. i pay to have 10mbts but from yesterday something is going wrong. i test my internet speed in and i only get 4.3mbts. also i m trying to download torrents with many seeders but i cant. any idea?
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  1. While is good, you should use a test page that is provided by your ISP. An older or inferior router will lose connections or lock up when downloading a torrent. Routers with larger MAC tables work better. Also, if those seeds are behind a firewall they won't all be sharing with you anyhow.

    Other than that, contact your ISP.
  2. thank u! i fixed the problem!
  3. What was the fix? It may help others with similar problems.
  4. about the internet speed i contact my support service. about the torrents i dont know. i download torrents from bitche. now i download from piratebay and its ok.
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