Computer crashes when playing games

ok first off here are my specs
cpu- AMD FX-8350 4.2ghz
motherboard- ASUS M5A97 R2.0
RAM- 8GB corsair vengeance
PSU- Corsair 800w gaming series
GPU- ASUS directCUii GTX 670
Case- Thermaltake level 10

my temps when idle are - gpu=29'c - CPU=30'c
temp gaming it - GPU= 68'c CPU= 48'c

When gaming my computer well either crash showing either a black or light blue screen and the sound freezes too. Or the screen will go all strange there will be like white squares all over the screen then the game will crash or the computer crash, mostly the computer.

I recently took out half my ram i had 16GB before, and now my computer works better, as my computer used to blue screen but now it doesn't. I thought it was the RAM but after i bought some new ram it still crashes when playing games. :(

any thoughts on why my computer keeps crashing?
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  1. Have you tried it with your CPU and GPU set to stock settings? (not sure if you overclocked them or not)
  2. EDIT: Double post bug.
  3. possible sound driver conflicts. nvidia and whatever the board has may be conflicting. check control panel sound and see what's enabled vs what you're trying to use. disabling or uninstalling one might help. what are you using for sound?
  4. I haven't overclocked my CPU or my GPU, I sometimes use ASUS GPU tweak and put it on to the gaming setting, but thats it.
    as for the audio drivers i have "realtek HD audio" and "Nvidia HD audio" which is better and which one should i uninstall?
    I use Samsung sound system with has left and right speaker and a sub.
    Side note i was playing borderlands 2 with all the graphics settings on max, for like 3 hours and had no problem, so it seems to only do it most of the time.
  5. reset cmos. uninstall the gpu tweak. what happens?
  6. I reset the cmos and uninstalled the gpu tweak. but it still crashed, when i was playing a game.
    I re installed gpu tweak and put the fan speed up to 90% to keep it under 58'c. and now i can play games with out it crashing.
    It seems to be as long as the GPU is under 58'c and i have no more the 8GB of ram in its fine, anyone know why?
  7. improper ventilation, clogged heat sinks, bad card.
  8. Computer crashed like 3 times yesterday when playing games, after the third time when i switched my computer back on the screen went all pixelated and an error message came up saying the the graphic drivers crashed and are now restarting.
    but i have re-installed my graphics drivers so many times.

    I have good ventilation for all my components and have cleaned out my computer a while ago. So it has to be a bad graphics card right?
    I just don't know why it works better with less ram coz when i have 16GB of ram my computer would blue screen for some reason
  9. almost sounds like a power problem. did you ever try increasing the voltage to the ram at all?

    did you ever try the mem ok button?

    have you tried updating the BIOS?
  10. i have put my RAM voltage to 1.6v.
    every time i switch on my computer the red LED next to the RAM lights up for like 3 seconds and then flashes, have no idea what that means, is it something bad?
    I will try updating the BIOS
  11. I have updated the bios but no improvement.
    I found out that just before the screen goes pixelated or crashes the GPU usage percent goes straight up to 100% if that means anything.
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