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I have an inspiron 570 MT with an AMD Athlon II X3 435 processor it has the standard Radeon HD 4200 for graphics and im starting to get into heavy pc gaming and im finding its pretty useless any suggestions on what would be a good upgrade??

the minimum requirement for the game i want to play as of now is an ATI 4850 series

my power supply is only max 300W so thats why im not sure on what would be a good graphics card to put in

and i dont want to spend a ridiculous amount
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  1. What is your budget? You might have to get a new PSU + GPU... and that CPU is not so great either... what is your PSU model number?

    You really might be better off building a new computer. Anyway give us your budget.
  2. If im just gona stick with this computer i want to stay under $200
  3. Well, the cheapest option is to get a HD7750. That card needs no auxiliary power, and will run on your 300W PSU. It will play any game, but new ones will need to be turned down, possibly quite a bit.
    Your other option would be to spend $39 on an Antec VP-450, which can easily power a HD7850. That combination may just exceed your budget, but a GTX650Ti (~$140-$150) should be able to squeeze within it.
  4. You might be able to use a AMD 7750... Could you give us your PSU model number? Or you could upgrade your PSU and get something like a GTX 650 TI.... Although your CPU is going to bottleneck you in most situations.
  5. Look at that timing. Great minds think alike.
    Edit: Dell may use small PSUs, but they aren't junk (warranty nightmares would not allow them to become as large and successful as they are). The PSU in my Dell work PC is 80+. Since a HD7750 will run on a typical 250W PSU, you should be fine.
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  7. HP-P3017F3
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