My motherboard does not support my graphic card anymore

Hi guys, i have a small gaming rig, asus m2n68, 4gig ram, palit gtx 285. I was playing GTA IV the other day with medium settings when the machine froze and stopped displaying. Ever since, it has not displayed again. But i noticed that the motherboard could not support the card anymore. I placed the graphic card on a friends motherboard and everything worked fine. i also placed s small card on my motherboard (6600gt) and the machine displayed. What should i do now guys, help
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  1. are you sure it isnt the psu that is no longer able to support the power draw of your card?
  2. What make/model of power supply are you using? It sounds more like a power problem vice a motherboard problem.
  3. SeaSonic M12 SS-700HM 700W
  4. That is a good PSU. When you swapped in the other GPU, did you install into the same slot that the GTX 285 would have been installed in?
  5. All i know is the card can suck a maximum of 185 watt and my cpu( AMD phenom 9950 BE) sucks about 125 max
  6. Yea. The same slot
  7. Verify that both of your 6-pin PCIe connectors are firmly connected at the GPU and at the PSU (one is likely hard-wired into the PSU and the other a modular connector, try another PCIe socket on your PSU if available).
  8. Just because a card works when plugged in does not mean it's fully functional. Video cards often fail in such a way that it only becomes apparent once the proper driver is installed.
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