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Hello all,

I need a bit of advice in adding a third graphics card to my children's computer so that each monitor has it's own graphics card. It is needed to be able to run VM software better.

The computer I have has one PCIe x 16 slot, two PCIe x1 slots and what appears to be a PCI Express slot although I am not sure if this is for a graphics card or network card. The top PCIx1 slot is covered by the main graphics card (Radeon HD 5750) which leaves me only one PCIe x 1 slot and the PCI Express (?) slot to work with. (Please see the photo below). I have one PCIe x1 card (Radeon 5450) which goes into the available PCIe x 1 slot.

My question is will I be able to put a graphics card into the slot that I labeled PCI Express and if so will it work properly and what type of card is needed ? Any recommendations for a card if one can be put in ? Ideally a card with 512MB- 1GB, 600 Mhz clock, 80 stream processors and HDMI or DP connection ?

If I cannot put a card in the slot I am referring to does anyone know of a low profile card to replace the HD 5750 with similar or better specs (1GB, 700 MZ clock, 720 stream processors) ?

I guess I could try and run a ribbon from the covered PCIe x1 slot but I don't know if I have the clearance in the bottom bay for a card to fit in properly since there is a slot there.

Any info greatly appreciated.


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  1. that look like just a pci slot
    look at the image from
  2. Thanks for this. It didn't look like PCI express but on my graphics card box it was showing the pn configuration and labeled it PCI Express.

    I did find one card if anyone is looking for the same. It is a HIS H545H512P Radeon HD 5450 Silence 512MB 64-bit card that fits the PCI slot.
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