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Hello, I recently aquired an Ati radeon 5770, but I can't seem to use it and I don't know the reason, my motherboard has a pci express x16 2.0 port, I don't know if is the motherboard itself or is it my power supply, the card turns on the fan spins and everything, the pc even seems to boot ( I get the boot beep from the MB speaker) but I get no video. I need to know if it's my motherboard is outdated or is the PSU or the card is done for, here's my system specs:

MB:Biostar a760g m2+ (info here: )
RAM: Supertalent 4GB 1x4 DDR2 800MHz
CPU: AMD Phenom x3 8750 2.4GHz
PSU:Apparently is of a brand named Omega here's the wattage:
the following is in the sticker in the psu
"3.3v and 5v output total 200W" "Total output:450w"

I have no other on board peripherals or hardware. Thank you in ahead and hope you can help me.
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  1. Did you plug the monitor into the video card correctly?

    Sounds like the card is dead.
  2. I did.
  3. Try a different output on the card. Try the card in another computer that has a good power supply.
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