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So I have a relatively small computer, and I recently got a new mobo for it, and it had to be a smaller sized one of course. I ended up going with this one

Now I'm curious as to what a good GPU would be that could fit in that tiny little thing. I need to make sure it wouldn't hit the sata cable plug ins, or the chipset, or the ram tabs. IF I REALLY need to, I will return the mobo, get a new case, and a different mobo, and rebuild everything. But I'm trying to avoid that. I'm looking for one that would be comparable to a GTX660, and be around 200$.
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  1. If you're looking for a 200$ card that will surely fit into your PC then this is it.
  2. I think the case is going to be the only thing to worry about, someone in the comments had a 10in card on there, and the board is only 9.6in.
  3. Yeah, wouldn't case size matter more than board size?
  4. Well I was eyeballing

    After thinking about it, it seems like it would be obstructed by the chipset and the sata cable ports. the case can fit a graphics card that is up to 10 inches at the max (would be touching metal) in the top slot, and 15 in the bottom two. if it was in the bottom two it wouldn't really suck air up well, as the bottom of the case is right there. I just don't want to get a graphics card just to find out it wouldn't fit because the ports/chipset are too high up and don't let it fit.
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    Looking at your board, it looks like both the chipset and the SATA ports are not issues even for very long cards. The SATA ports are all pointed horizontally across the motherboard specifically to not conflict with space with large PCIe cards such as long graphics cards and the chipset's cooler looks like it doesn't extend past the top of the PCIe slots.

    You wouldn't be able to move the memory modules without removing the graphics card, but other than that inconvenience, it looks like there wouldn't be any issue with any graphics card short of 10" in the first slot.
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  7. Thanks for the clarification guys :)
  8. Glad to help.
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