7950 graphics card help!

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  1. The Gigabyte is probably the best of those cards and the Sapphire is a close second. The other one is not bad at all, but it's considerably more expensive than the Gigabyte while being ever so slightly slower.
  2. The ASUS:

    Asus website:

    As long as you have enough space (3-slots) this is a great card. I have the 680 version and the large heatsink makes the card much less noisier.

    - quieter
    - probably better overclocking potential
    - backplate? (mine does, couldn't find a picture of the back)

    - 3-slots ( a non-issue if you don't need those slots)

    Don't forget to verify that it fits in your case, and your PSU can handle it (min 550Watt PSU with enough 6-pin/8-pin connectors)
  3. You don't need a 550W PSU for a 7950. Many good 500-520W models are plenty for it. Overall wattage of a PSU matters far less than the +12V power delivery.
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