EVGA GTX 570 HD Crysis 3 Beta Temperatures HIGH!

So I just installed the Crysis 3 Open Beta. I updated to the newest beta drivers, (even though I think it doesn't optimize for the 500 series)

and on medium settings with SMAA x1, according to EVGA Precision X, I am capping at 97 degrees celsius. I have the fan level set to 80%, which is 5% shy of the maximum.

Why am I reaching such high temps?

I am afraid I'll damage my card if I keep playing Crysis 3.

What is wrong? Please help!!
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  1. That is not normal and I would not play Crysis 3 until that is resolved you can damage your card for going running at those temperatures. I would contact EVGA tell them the temperatures you are experiencing and explain your cooling situation and what you are running and I'm sure they will advise you into what to do. Me personally I would try applying new thermal but without voiding anything I would talk to them that isn't good not at all.
  2. Just tried to open the case door, in case the case airflow was less than optimal.

    Reached 97 degrees (max that shows on Evga Precision X) probably even higher, again.

    Something is wrong here.. Will contact EVGA.
  3. I agree something is up you shouldn't be going above 75c and even than that's on the high end,Is it just the crysis 3 beta or when the card is stressed to 100%? Let us know what evga's response was.
  4. Yea good call my evga 560Ti reached almost 90 in SLi and I flipped out once. I had changed cases ended up returning the case.
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