GTX 660 Ti won't run 2 displays :(

I just picked up a EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked. I plugged monitor 1 into the DVI-I connector with an adaptor. It works fine. I plugged monitor 2 into the DVI-D connector with a DVI-D to VGA adaptor. Now I understand that the DVI-D is digital only but kinda figured that's what the adapter was for. The monitor DOES have a DVI-D plug in the back so it does have digital capabilites. I just don't have a digital cable.

Anyway.... SHOULD monitor 2 work when I plut the VGA cord into a DVI-D-VGA adapter? Or will I HAVE to use a DVI-D cable because the adapters are just a farce?


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  1. It wouldn't matter what cables you had connected to each monitor did you attempt to extend the displays? It won't work without you changing the setting yourself.
  2. Most likely the adapters are just a farce. A dvi cable is cheap and will solve the problem.
  3. the adapter is a farce. Theres no cheap way to convert a digital signal into the vga analog signal.
  4. swap the adapter to the dvi-I since it sends both analog and digital

    edit ... oops, I read it wrong. that adapter wont work on the dvi-d. the reason it works on the dvi-i I stated above.
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