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Hey JDwii am lost man i got a atx tower with a rampage 3 motherboard, 12g corsair dominator ram, 2x580 gtx super clocked, and a 980X i7, am getting no video to my monitor and no boot screen , i did the 20 steps listed on the forums, i used 1 SSD,1 dram, and 1 graphics card same problem, checked the cards no issue, checked the board everything lights up, reset the cmos, and nothing i cant afford new anything lol, or taking it to a repair guy that gonna rob me. recently it wouldnt start normaly and i had to use F8 to choose a boot device? anything would help thank you.
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  1. try without the ssd
    are you getting any beeps?
  2. no beeps
  3. tried all 4 HDD and the 1 SSD and without and no beeps just starts up
  4. start with one video card and one dimm ram. if you get a asus splash screen then it posting. if not post screen check to see if there any fault led on. on some of the newer mb you may need a bios update for the newer cpu and gpu. look at the mb ser# the end of it will have the bios rev #. the last bios is 1502. your mb like my sabertooth has a usb flashback port..just need a usb stick to flash the bios. one thing that can happen is the mb is shorted to the case if you forget the mb standoffs. also check that you have the 4/8 pin pci power plug connected. some mb it a 4 pin molex connector.without it the pci bus wont have the voltage to turn on the gpus.
  5. on the sata ports look at the online user guild there are two sata chipsets. make sure your using the onboard chipsets and there on. in the bios under boot you need to tell the mb to boot from the cd. as first boot then the ssd.
  6. No beeps no video, how would i tell the mobo anything if i cant get into bios?
  7. no beeps means the pc isnt really powering up properly, so likely your psu has failed or your mobo is toast...
  8. Am gonna strip it and rebuild it again today to triple check it
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