HDTV & Monitor - Different native resolutions HELP!

Hi Guys,

I am having a really frustrating time here. I have an HD7970 and I'm trying to run my main monitor (native 1920x1200) and my HDTV at the same time.

Now I understand since the native resolutions don't match I can't do a mirror display which completely sucks.

So as a workaround I'm trying to use an extended desktop. Now my only problem is my tv and my computer are in different rooms and I can't find an easy way to swap displays when I want to play games on my tv as opposed to my desktop monitor.

I have to manually swap default in display settings and then go in and swap the default sound device to the television as well.

I feel like a complete idiot here because I'm usually quite good with computers and I remember this being quite a bit easier when I did it back in the day of CRTs.

Is there any way I can set up a macro shortcut or something to swap the default monitor and sound device at the same time? Or is there an alternative method to this I'm missing somehow?

Thanks! And for reference I'm trying to use this with Steam's big picture mode..
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  1. I'm curiouos as to how you would play a computer game on the tv when the computer is in another room? Long range wireless mouse/keybd?
  2. Wireless gamepad, works very well with steam's new big picture mode. Any suggestions on how this setup could be made to work? It's extremely difficult trying to get the monitors to switch this way and Windows key + P doesn't work at all for some reason.
  3. that's easy
    grab this file -- http://download.cnet.com/NirCmd/3000-2094_4-77191.html
    extract and put into drive c

    in notepad type this
    C:\nircmd.exe setdefaultsounddevice "TV"
    C:\nircmd.exe setprimarydisplay 2

    then Save As,
    File name-- anything you want.bat
    Save as type-- All Files.

    ("TV" is name of your sound card, you can name it under sound> playback to anything you want.)
    ("2" this is number assigned to your monitor, go screen resolution and Identify.)

    make 2 files like that to switch back and forth.
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