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Dead HIS hd 6790?

February 8, 2013 11:44:12 PM

Hello everyone,

Well ... I am asking you (the experts) if you think my HIS hd 6790 is dead (non iceQ). it's just your basic 6790 with a gelid vga cooler on it. I had it on my son's pc (Athlon II x2 250 with ECS MP61GM mobo). for close to a year now it has been running good, but not as cool as I would have thought with the added vga cooler (stock fan crapped out right after warranty expired). I put his computer in sleep mode last night and everything seemed fine until he tried to start it back up. the computer started back up but the monitor stayed "asleep". restarted the pc, same thing. plugged in the onboard video and that works great. I took out the card tried it in another pc and nothing, no video, no recogeniction in windows 7 or Ubuntu 12.04. the fans on the card won't power up either (I can connect to the mobo or molex and neither worked on either mobo). I am using an old 9600gt on his pc and a hd 5450 on the pc so I know the pci-e slots work. I personally think the card kicked the bucket, but maybe the fans just need replacing?

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