Gpu Temps sudden increase

Hello I am new user to "Tomshardware" and I think this is the most appropriate place to ask and find the solution to a problem I am having with my Gpu.

Just about 2 days ago I received my brand new XFX hd radeon 6870 dd , basically a problem continued to persist.

I firstly uninstalled the previous Gpu's components for my brand new card, I used the disk provided to install the drivers, which was the "Catalyst control centre" which was the verison included in the disk, now with this my idle temperature would be 35 degrees and load at around 60 degrees.

Now the problem I have is that I realised the catalyst control centre in the disk was an older version, so I registered on XFX and installed the 13.1(latest) version of the catalyst control centre which was for the 6800 series, after a restart I started to notice a drop in fps and as I checked my Idle temp it was 65 degrees from 36 and now my gpu temp is always 60 degrees idle. This really shocked me, I also had this previous problem with my old gpu when updating my drivers, can somebody please help me.

I am haven't got huge knowledge on computer and hardwares but I will try my best to cooperate. :wahoo:

My specs

Amd phenom ii x4 965
XFX HD Radeon 6870 DD
650W PSU
ASUSTeK Computer INC. M5A78L-M/USB3 (AM3R2)
Zalman z11 plus case
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  1. Well, there are a couple of things... If the PSU is not a good PSU it might not have the amps to push the new video card. Newer driver updates unlock more potential and push the card a little harder, thus it will use more electricity. If it is straining, it will stress out more.

    Also, a BIOS update could be in order. If you are not a advanced user, don't do this. You can "brick" your motherboard.

    Also, NEVER install drivers from the CD's provided... They makes millions of those when they FIRST make the video card, and never make a new once since. They are always outdated, and usually are "branded" with XFX's programing tweaks, thus are hard to update with the newer, AMD official drivers without all the extra XFX logos and OCing stuff.

    My suggestion to try FIRST... Go to this URL and download, and SAVE the installer for your video card (somewhere on your desktop or downloads folder would be fine). Then go to your start menu or start page and type "Add/Remove Programs" then press enter on your keyboard. Remove all of the Catalyst stuff, reboot as prompted. Once they are all removed, install your new download. That resolves all driver issues for the video card. Post again if that doesn't help.
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