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I'm trying to use my tv as a monitor but I can't get sound out of the speakers. In the back there's slots for video in and the audio in. I've got the video working but not the sound. I've connected an audio cable with 3.5 mm plugs to both the audio in on the tv and the audio out on the back of my pc. I've also tried plugging it into all the other ports on the back of the pc. Nothing's helped.

What am I doing wrong?
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  1. What video connector are you using? Are you sure that the video connector on the TV uses the same input channel as the audio connector that you're trying to use?
  2. I believe it's a VGA connection.
  3. Well, have you made sure volume setting on both the computer and the TV are maxed out, can you ask my second question from my previous post, are you sure that the sound cable is plugged into the speakers jack in the computer (might be green or have a little picture depicting speakers or headphones), have you tried using the headphones jack in the front oft the computer (f you have one), are you sure that the computer's audio works, and are you sure that neither the TV's audio jack nor the computer's audio jacks have any debris stuck inside?

    Sorry, I'm just running through the basics because nothing major and non-obvious is coming to mind :/
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